Houdini Cloud Modelling Pack

Sergen Eren
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This pack includes all the cloud modelling setups you need for a realistic cloudscape. With the files provided, you will have a great arsenal to create almost every cloudscapes you can imagine. 

In this pack you will not only find the common cloud types, but also an exotic Kelvin-Helmholtz cloud. For realistic lighting and rendering of the cumulus clouds, a rendering file is also provided. 


High Altitude clouds:

- Cirrocumulus Clouds

- Cirrostratus Fibratus

- Cirrostratus Nebulosus

- Cirrus

- Mackerel Clouds

Low Altitude Clouds: 

- Cumulus Congestus

- Cumulus Mediocris

- Cumulus Humilis

- Fractus

- Towering Cumulus Cloud  

Exotic Cloud: 

- Kelvin Helmholtz clouds

Lighting and Rendering

- Cumulus Mediocris Render

*** All the .hiplc files provided are compatible with Houdini 19.5 Indie. "Cumulus Mediocris Render" uses Arnold Htoa 4.2.0 with Arnold Core

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Last updated Jul 8, 2023

You'll get a complete pack to model all the cloud types in Houdini

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Houdini Cloud Modelling Pack

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